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Voice Over for Video Games

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Making a Video Game?

A crisp, ear catching voice over can make or break a project. The moment the player hears your protagonist, creature, or a npc talk they are either immersed in what is happening or they check out. My voice can ensure your players are ensnared the moment the game begins.​ Whether you are looking for the hero, robot, friendly npc, terrifying creature or the soldier, I can captivate your audience and tell your story.


Fair Rates | Professional Audio | Versatile | Communicative


Many developers have entrusted me in bringing their characters to life. With a versatile range, I can voice several characters in a game allowing for an easy casting process and less negotiation and hassle. No need to manage a large roster of voice actors for your indie game.

Whether you are looking for the hero, robot, friendly npc, terrifying creature or the soldier, let’s connect and talk about what you envision for your game, so I can provide a voice to that vision!

Communication and quick turnarounds is one of my business models, and generally can deliver your voice over in an exceptional amount of time. You'll receive fully edited audio in MP3, WAV or AIFF format, ready to drop into your project or RAW to mix the performance as needed for your project. My goal is making sure you’re 100% satisfied! It is my passion to breathe life into every character I voice and I promise to deliver that passion to every project that I’m involved in.


In addition, Game Studios have utilized my services as a casting director to help find the right talent for their project. My goal is to make sure that each role is cast with the best talent that fits the character based on personality and desired sound. Being the co-founder of Immersed Productions, an Audio Production company, I have access to a large list of vetted talent in our private roster. This allows developers to know that their characters will sound the best they can, while being able to focus on game development. Feel free to reach out to me for more information on the casting services we provide.


Want a man with range? Christian is your man. He voices the officer in Masked Memory and just hearing him makes you feel you're on a mission to stop evil everywhere. On top of that, he's super wonderful and professional to work with. Loved working with you!

-Kenz Studios


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