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Present Yourself as a Professional Voice Actor

If you are an aspiring voice actor and just getting into the industry, congrats! This is a fantastic hobby, side job and even career and no matter where you are in this journey, I am glad to have you in the community!

With that said, one thing I frequently see from newer voice actors on their social media or the way they introduce themselves to a prospect, is “new voice actor”, “aspiring voice talent”, etc.

Though this may be true, please DO NOT DO THIS!

Immediately, what you put in someone's head is that you are not experienced and to expect that you will provide a beginner performance. As much as we try not to, people judge on first impressions. If you act or say you are new, they will think you are inexperienced.

When I started voice over, I never mentioned I was a beginner. I tried to market myself as a professional from the start. Even though I would only be 3 months in, I would get people saying that they couldn't “afford” a professional like me — I would be taken aback and flattered that they would assume that I was more experienced that I was. It all comes down to perception and how you present yourself.

What if I am new and not a professional?

Great, just say voice actor. No need to say “beginning voice talent”. Anything that makes you seem less, get rid of it. No need to have that on your profile, website or anything else.

If you present yourself as a professional, people will believe you are one.

So go out there and make an impression!

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