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Finding Auditions for Voice Acting

We are finally at the good stuff! After investing in sound treating your voice over space, setting up your brand new microphone with that sleek audio interface; we are now ready to start looking for auditions. The only problem is:


Not to worry my eager friend!

**Please note, I am not familiar with all forms and sites of finding auditions and am only listing ones I am familiar with.


If you are interested in indie video games, animations, fan projects — which I really only recommend when getting started and learning — and the occasional other project. I recommend three sites to check regularly. Most of the projects that come from these sites are generally free or low paying with the occasional fair rates.

If you are interested in Audiobook Narration, there is one site that really comes to mind. Rates range from Royalty Share to $50 per finished hour up to $1000 per finished hour.


Freelancer sites are a way to find work outside of the indie work. Jobs from these sites can range from low paying to fair and industry standard rates.

**Fiverr is a hot topic in the industry. Many people swear by it, while others look down on talent that work on this site. Tread carefully and do your research.


A pay to play is a site that you have to pay a subscription to see and audition for gigs. The projects on these sites are generally much higher in quality. Some are highly looked down upon in the industry due to controversy, while others are fairly decent and treat their talent well.

**Due to their high talent volume, do make sure you have some experience auditioning and even have worked on some projects before investing in a P2P.

**The VOC is really trying to make a difference in the industry by charging fair rates and screening all of their talent. This is to create a great buyer experience, building a list of buyers that will come back. The VOC has a limit cap on the number of talent they accept on their roster, so one cannot just signup.

**Most of the projects on this site are International in the European countries. Projects are mostly Explainer Videos, eLearning and some Commercial. The month rate for Bodalgo is very reasonable and is one to consider if you are looking at a pay to play site.

**When I signed up for VO Planet, I did not see a large number of auditions and felt that the return on investment could be hit or miss. However, I did not stick around long enough. Many talent like this site.

**The way Voice123 is currently setup, many voice actors feel like they are losing out on opportunities. There is no limit on the number of talent that can sign up, so it is very saturated and hard to land gigs. Their signup fee is also a bit high compared to most of the others.

**There has been some controversy with the Voice Realm. The number of projects that come through are on the lower end. I have never signed up and don’t have any plans to do so.

**Voices is up their for receiving many projects, having a roster of talent that is WAY too full and skimming the top off of the payment. At this moment in time, I do not support the VDC.


Social Media is a great way to network with other industry creatives, market yourself and find voice over auditions. These generally take some digging, but the more you connect with other voice actors the more you will see as we like to share casting calls with one another.

  • Twitter

**In my opinion, Twitter is a must. This is where most of the online voice over community likes to hangout and share projects, updates and other industry information.

  • Facebook

**Join Facebook groups, casting calls are shared here occasionally.

  • Reddit


This is a platform specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. There are a few servers dedicated to Voice Over and casting calls from across the internet are shared here. Also, many projects that you will be a part of will have a Discord server that you will want/need to join. I believe Discord is a MUST. Two servers I suggest joining are:

  • VoicePoint

  • Voice Acting Club


I am lumping these together because,

  1. They will need a separate post each.

  2. You really need to be ready before reaching out and trying to be added to rosters.

There are plenty of places to find casting calls. Take a look, explore, have fun! The more you audition the better you will get.

voice over audition, voice actor, online voice over

One last word of advice, do not get discouraged if you are not cast in a project. Many projects can

have hundreds of auditions and they only need a few roles filled — if you are not selected, know that it is not personal. The best thing is to send it and forget it, try not to get attached to a role. This is such a great hobby, side business and career, but there is much auditioning and few times we are actually cast. Keep at it and you will eventually see results!

With that Happy Auditioning!

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Jesus Morato
Jesus Morato
Feb 27, 2020

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