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Make Yourself Visible as a Voice Actor

Recently I was in search for a few voice actors for a project I was casting for, and in my search I came across a handful of voice actors that did not have a way to view their work!

Why does this matter you ask?

As a freelancer your portfolio is everything. This is where you show off your ability, can get noticed, receive private auditions or even be requested to join a project. Some casting calls are private and casting directors will be on the search for a specific voice; if they already do not have someone in mind.

This was the case when I was casting for Finifugal Games' trailer for their up and coming RTS/Tower Defense, Colony Siege.

What if I don't have a demo?

Honestly, anything will work that shows off your skill so people can assess your voice and if you fit their project. A demo is most ideal, since it highlights your ability in one short file and does not require leads to hop around and listen to different auditions.

However, if you do not have a demo, then a link to your SoundCloud, Casting Call Club profile, YouTube channel or anything will work. The point is to give someone an idea if you will be a for their project.

As a casting director, I do not have the time to go and search for your work. If there is no link to anything at all, unfortunately you will be skipped and not considered for a role. Hard truth, but my time is valuable as well as the next person's.

How do you find my work?

Personally, I use Twitter to search for new talent. You can add a link to your website or portfolio and makes it easy for me to listen to the demos I am looking for; or at least skim through some of your previous auditions. However, if that link requires another link to be clicked on to find your work, the chances are I will have moved on.

The most ideal is pinning a Tweet to the top of your profile — as a casting director being able to just click and listen and not be redirected to a different site saves a lot of time. And anything to save a lead's time is invaluable.

Do note, I will occasionally search on other platforms, such as Casting Call Club, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Will I really be cast directly from my previous work?

Yes! It could happen. I have been cast in several projects due to my demo alone and at least been given the opportunity to audition. The platforms used to find my work and reach out to me have been Twitter and YouTube mostly, but a few from Casting Call Club and others.

As a Casting Director for Immersed Productions, I have searched for talent for a private casting call, because:

  1. I knew the voice I was looking for.

  2. I didn't want to have to sift through 50+ auditions for 2 roles.

It doesn’t take much to link to some of your work, be it previous auditions or demo reels, but please make sure you link to something. You never know who might be looking.

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